4 Questions to Ask Yourself about Downsizing

For years after moving out on your own, you spent your time earning, building, and collecting. Maybe over the years, you raised children that are leaving for college or are now adults, or your love for traveling made stuff and space seem less exciting. Have you become an empty-nester? How do you know when it is time to consider downsizing?

At Karen Cannon, Realtors, we see many people and couples wrestle with these thoughts when it comes to their home. We’d like to share our expertise on how you can identify when it is time for you to downsize. Here are four questions you can ask yourself to determine if it is time for your family to downsize.

1.   Are you an empty nester?

This is the most obvious question, with the easiest answer because either yes – your children are grown and have moved out, (and hopefully… it will stay that way!) Or the answer is no – you have kids that need you to keep providing a roof over their head – or maybe they just love your home and neighborhood so much, they don’t want to leave. If you’ve spent years with a full house and the wonderful chaos of parenting when the kids move out you may find yourself feeling like your house is too big now. Empty bedrooms can contribute to that. Avoid giving yourself the space to collect more junk or harbor childhood items long forgotten by downsizing to a home that feels more full – even with less space, or the right space.

2. Are you finally retired?

For years, you have worked and saved, and that sweet day is finally upon you: retirement! While everyone’s picture of retirement looks a little different, many people decide to travel more once retired, or to have homes in multiple places. A great way to achieve this is to downgrade to a smaller home that won’t cost as much to maintain, giving you more money to see the world.

3. Are your home improvement and maintenance days over?

When you first move into a home, the idea of projects around the house can sound exciting! But after years of home improvement cutting the grass, and fixing the garage door, you may be ready for someone else to worry about those projects. Moving to another home could give you less to take care of, and offer you more time to do the things you love. Some homes even eliminate yards altogether! Might as well sell the lawnmower too while you’re at it.

4. Do you need a master on the main level?

As much as we try to fight it, age can take a toll on our bodies. Suddenly things like climbing a flight of stairs get harder to do – and can even put you at risk. A home offering one-level living can offer you the space and comfort you’ve been looking for.

If you answered yes to any of these and you’re considering downsizing, give us a call. We have helped so many people downsize and find a great place to fit their needs, and we have contacts to help you every step of the way including estate sales, donating/consigning items, removal of old items, and more.

We aren’t just here to buy and sell homes – we understand that leaving a house full of years of memories is difficult, and our team will walk beside you each step of the process and help you find a house that can truly feel like home in the season of life you’re in.

Call us at (770) 352-9658 or send us an email at Info@KarenCannon.com to get started, and check out our current listings here.