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What Buyers Want: The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends

If you are looking to sell your home, and are thinking about remodeling the kitchen, there are a few trends to be aware of. Buyers interested in your home will love these features, and they may even add value to your home.

You can add a few of these features with a small budget and without having to bring in a demolition crew.

kitchen design, kitchen trends, modern kitchen, kitchen, kitchen island

Clean, Minimal Style

While shaker cabinets were once considered to be a clean look, buyers today prefer a more minimalistic look with flat-panel cabinets. The current trend is black cabinetry. Not interested in Black? Deep Navy is also a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. For a classy look on dark cabinets, consider brass accents.

Form Follows Function

Instead of a multi-featured kitchen, the trend is to have a more functional kitchen. Not every kitchen needs a grill. A focus on functionality means making sure lots of counter space is available.  Wood is a top choice countertop and for bar areas, and many homeowners are using stone counters near the sink.

Neutral Colors

Earth tones have long been a top color choice for walls, and today’s kitchen trends keep the focus on neutrals. White, beige or light grey paint are all good choices.

Open Shelving

Open shelves have been on-trend for a few years, but they are more popular than ever. Perfect for displaying glassware or plates, this type of shelving helps the room feel more open, especially when shelves replace over-the-counter cabinets. This trend fits in well with the desire for a more minimal and functional kitchen.  

Recessed Lighting

Do you have a kitchen island? If so, you likely have pendant lighting over it. The trend in today’s modern kitchens is a simpler style.  Recessed lighting is finding its way back after being off-trend for a while.

Beverage Centers

With entertainment in mind, beverage centers are a growing trend. Creating one can be as simple as placing a mini-fridge in a cabinet or adding a wine refrigerator.

Eco-Friendly Design

If you are looking to bring your kitchen up-to-date, consider going green. More home buyers today are looking for energy-efficient appliances. You can also add LED lighting to reduce energy costs.

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