Top 10 Home Design Trends to Take into 2022

The pandemic has changed the way many of us think about our home spaces. Between Tiktok and Instagram, the stream of ideas and inspiration is endless. From trendy plants to new kitchen cabinets, many of us have replaced small items or renovated entire rooms from floor to ceiling. With the year ending, it’s no wonder we want to revisit some of the best home décor trends of 2021:

Detail in the ceilings

The ceiling or the “fifth wall” became the show stealer this year.  Many opted for neutral-colored walls and a characterized ceiling. If you’re looking to update your master bedroom or living area, try adding wood detailing or beams.

Home offices were light and neutral

A lot more people are working from home these days and we can officially say that calming colors, smooth textures and bright lighting were the necessary component this year for offices.

Thank Tiktok for the “cottagecore” trend

What the internet has named “cottagecore”, is the accumulation of warm colors, soft textures and lived-in pieces like repurposed coffee tables and bookcases. If you’re looking to bring some cottagecore to your home, try incorporating floral printed pillows and repurposed furniture.

Vintage furniture is here to stay

If you’re looking for a unique twist to your home there’s no better place to look than your local flea markets. Last year, Chairish – a vintage retailer – had a 60% increase in sales, and Statista reported that the “furniture resale market” will most likely see an increase of 70% by the year 2025. Vintage isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so next time you want to add some bookends or a new armchair for the living room, try opting for a vintage piece.

Maximalist is the new minimalism

“Maximalist design is all about expressing your individuality and unique perspective. Maximalists don’t care what the ‘Joneses will think; they design for their own joy,” said award winning designer, Courtney McLeod. If you have an eye for unique design, try incorporating a colorful couch, bold lamps and fun lighting to bring a little maximalist to your life and into your home.

Bringing the outdoors inside

The old farmhouse style of plants that have taken over our houses for the last decade are slowly going out of fashion. Instead, they are being replaced with a “less is more” approach that balances between trendy and functional. If you’re looking to up your plant game, try incorporating potting options that are sculptural and have a design life of their own.

Shaker cabinets have been all the rage

If you still have the early 2000s, cherry or walnut cabinets that you are desperate to get rid of, look no further than shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets are narrower than your typical kitchen option and feature more streamlined edges. It’s a classic style that isn’t going anywhere soon, so you can invest your money without feeling wasteful.

Modern country design has been the best of both worlds

This is for the homeowners that can’t decide what home décor is for you. The combination of modern and southern lifestyle has taken on a life of its own. It’s an idyllic classic that meshes warm, homey vibes with neutral tones and simple lines.

Bringing vacation home

There’s nothing worse than walking into a friend’s bathroom and seeing truly awful stylings of anchors, starfish and seashell-shaped towel hooks. When we say coastal décor trend, we are thinking more on the side of open and airy décor that invokes the feeling of sitting near the seaside.

Open shelving provided a fresh kitchen style

Raise your hand if you have loathed putting away the dishes simply because of the opening and closing of the cabinets. Turns out there’s a solution that just so happens to be a trending décor option. Open shelving in the kitchen has been noted by HGTV as a trend that “doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.” If you aren’t sold on the idea, HGTV suggests taking the doors off your cabinets to “ease” into it.



Sellers: Make Today’s Home Price Appreciation Work for You

Home prices continue to rise as we move through the summer, and that’s good news for sellers who are looking to maximize their home’s potential. If you’re on the fence about whether to list your house now or later, the question you should really ask is: will this price appreciation last?

Here’s what three leading industry experts have to say about what lies ahead:

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, National Association of Realtors (NAR):

“At a broad level, home prices are in no danger of a decline due to tight inventory conditions, but I do expect prices to appreciate at a slower pace by the end of the year.”

Selma Hepp, Deputy Chief Economist, CoreLogic:

“The imbalance between robust demand and dismal availability of for-sale homes has led to a continual bidding over asking prices, which reached record levels in recent months . . . . Nevertheless, with more new listings and new home construction, home price acceleration that has built momentum, and continues to reach new highs, will likely slow later this summer but remain in double digits.”

George Ratiu, Chief Economist,

Many sellers are going to take advantage of higher prices. This summer is going to signal the move to the next chapter, and this will very much be the year they’re going to put their home on the market.”

What It Means for You:

The experts agree that the summer months give sellers a great opportunity to capitalize on today’s home prices. And while prices aren’t expected to depreciate, the rise in prices is forecast to moderate over the next few years. That means selling your house today could set you up for a bigger win.

Bottom Line:

Listen to the experts. If you’re ready to make a move, let’s connect to discuss selling your house sooner rather than later so you can take advantage of today’s home price appreciation before it moderates.

Millennials on the Move: Dunwoody in Position to Flourish Post-Covid

Dunwoody in Position to Flourish Post-COVID

The perfect combination of suburban and urban, Dunwoody is attracting Millennials

COVID-19 has already stunned our world and markets, it is also encouraging new ideas for our millennial movers and shakers. While millennials are fleeing the highly populated cities where COVID-19 is the most prevalent; suburban areas such as Dunwoody, are benefiting from their migration both residentially, commercially, & professionally.


Michael Starling, the city’s Economic Development Director, reported to FOX Business, “Dunwoody is a place where people come to work and raise a family, we are transitioning from having primarily retail and offices to more residential development. Now we are becoming more of a mixed-use place.”


Corporate companies are also growing and offering jobs in the area, this hybrid type of development area is appealing for the millennials and Gen Z groups. In fact, they make up 50% of the Dunwoody population with a median resident age of 36. This only further proves the movement and attractiveness of this area with the growing market and it can only go up from here. “The office and housing market are a value compared to living in Atlanta, Dunwoody is an affordable alternative people are looking for, whether it’s by choice or necessity. For a lot of these edge cities like Dunwoody, as growth has occurred, new jobs and employment follow,” Starling said.


Dunwoody has so many incredible attributes already and it just seems to be getting better. COVID-19 has caused a lot of people to reconsider their current residence and Dunwoody seems like the place to live! With a family-friendly environment, an increase in jobs, a more affordable cost of living, access to public transit, and a quick commute to the city – it should be no surprise that the population of residential buyers and more companies are coming to check out what Dunwoody real estate has to offer.


How COVID-19 is Changing Buyer Needs

With people spending more time in their homes than ever before, the “must-haves” of a home today are very different from the “must-haves” of a year ago. Whether it be more room for a home office, a renovated kitchen for more home-cooked meals, or a relaxing backyard escape, potential homebuyers need their homes to match their new lifestyle.


How COVID-19 is Impacting Schools

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 3% of students in the United States were home-schooled during the 2011-12 school year. But a poll taken in May of more than 2,100 parents found that 40% said they were more likely to home-school or virtual school even after certain restrictions were lifted.

As a result, when looking for their next home, one of the top priorities for many families is a designated space for their children to work in. With multiple states requiring different school re-opening strategies, many families will need to accommodate the sudden need for space for students to work in.


Designate a Home Office

Due to COVID-19, working from home has become a viable option for many. As a result, one of the top features that home buyers are looking for today is a designated home office.

Having a proper office space can help remote workers acclimate to their work style and be more productive. Like students, without a designated place to work, it is very easy to become unorganized, distracted, or even stressed. A home office gives homeowners a mini workspace to emulate any on-location position they held in the past.

Aside from the convenience of working from home, a designated home office could potentially increase your home’s estimated value by approximately $10,562 according to the Top Agent Insights Q2 2020 Report by HomeLight.


Find the Perfect Chef’s Kitchen

Although finding a home with a designated workspace is one of the top priorities for potential homebuyers, finding a home with an updated kitchen comes in at a close second.

Sick of buying delivery or ordering take-out, many people have turned to cooking and baking for themselves. New data from Influence Central shows that 88% of consumers are cooking more meals at home in the midst of the pandemic with 49% making meals from scratch. With the new wave of amateur bakers and chefs, having a space to hone their new craft is an addition to homebuyer wish lists.


Finding the Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Until a vaccine is created, many homebuyers are looking for their own outdoor oasis. Instead of outings to crowded cities or trips to the park, many are preferring the comfort of their backyard. The backyard is a journey to relaxation and play and during the midst of this pandemic, it’s the one place that many homebuyers want to escape.

In addition, while landscaping and curb appeal projects have traditionally been the most-recommended for marketability, any home seller who can boast a backyard private oasis will likely catch the attention of a stir-crazy nation.


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Even though COVID-19 continues to sweep the nation, life continues to flourish inside of our homes. Families are now spending more time than ever inside in the comfort of their homes. With more time at home, you may be rethinking how your wish list has changed for your dream home. Will you need more space for home learning or an updated kitchen for new, delicious recipes?

Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect home to fit your changing needs. Explore Dunwoody homes for sale and Sandy Springs home for sale.

Spring Into A Landscaping Refresh

It’s now late spring, but there is plenty that can be planted around your home to bring color and joy. A change in landscaping can be a simple as perennial hanging baskets or as arduous as a sculpted, water-saving gardener’s paradise. Before you set foot for the local nursery, take note of the areas that you want to spruce up.

Direct Sunlight

The amount of light that a plant requires versus the amount of light it gets can be a single determining factor in its success. While you are home, watch how the light hits areas you plan to plant. When does it get full sun, or partial or full shade. That will make plant selection easier and more successful.


All plants require a certain type of soil. Soil content can be adjusted with compost or organic matter. According to Southern Living, “when you place the wrong plant in the wrong kind of soil, you’ll get mixed results. Worst-case scenario, the plant dies. Best case, it survives, but with lackluster results. Each soil type accommodates a different palette of plants.” Inventory the soil you have, so you know what you may need to supplement.


North Atlantans have plenty of garden leveling critters. Rabbits or deer or burrowing chipmunks can level produce and shrubs overnight. Depending on the type of landscaping that you are planning, consider a physical barrier. That will not always work, say in a front yard, so research which plants are not palatable to the local wildlife.

Color Echo

For those of us who lack a green thumb, consider using color echo as you bring bright hues. Color echo is planting clumps of the same color throughout the planting area. Consider similar flower colors and leaf colors but also bloom times, textures and heights. As you select plants, consider leaf and flower color, and how it will blend or clash with existing landscape and hardscaping. Southern Living also suggests, “Add in contrasting leaf and plant textures to stir some drama in the landscape.”