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4 Downsizing Tips for Empty-Nesters

Sending your birdies off to fly in the world can make any parent anxious, let alone having to deal with the possible idea of downsizing. You don’t want to lose space or part ways with the memories you’ve made in their childhood home. The good news is you don’t have to. Downsizing has many benefits and doesn’t mean moving into a smaller home. It could be that you want a home that requires less maintenance, an HOA-free neighborhood, or something that’s a better fit for your budget or new empty-nester lifestyle.

Whatever your situation may be, we have 4 tips to help make downsizing as an empty-nester simpler and stress-free:

  • Get an Idea of What You’re Looking For

Before you make any sudden decisions, it’s best to get an idea of what you want. Do you want a master on the main? Fewer bedrooms? A smaller yard? A home that requires less upkeep? Smaller neighborhood? Solidifying this list early-on will make your transition much smoother, as you will have a sense of direction and structure to find what you want. Ask your realtor to help you narrow down your choices. A realtor provides extensive knowledge about neighborhoods, price points, and can lend an expert perspective to make your vision crystal clear.

  • Declutter & Organize

Your kids are all grown up and have gone off to college and many of their childhood possessions have been left behind. You’ll want to keep some things, but that old drum set that never quite got used could go, right? Downsizing is a great time to declutter and make your home fit the new season that you’ve begun as an empty-nester. Don’t be afraid to part ways with old items your children have grown out of or things you know you won’t use. A wonderful way to make cutting the cord easier is donating the items to local second-hand shops or charities. Even though you’re parting ways, you know someone else who really needs it will get it. It’s a win-win.

  • Create a New Lifestyle For Yourself

Finally the fun part! Empty-nesting is a great time to rediscover yourself and create a new, vivacious lifestyle for yourself. Take up that salsa class you can’t stop thinking about. Join a local sports club. Commit to monthly spa days and golfing. This is your time to enjoy YOU. Turn that extra bedroom into your personal den or hobby room. You could even redecorate or renovate parts of your home to fit your style. Whatever lifestyle you want to create for yourself, this is an exciting and invigorating time to do it. 

  • Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

Downsizing is also a prime time to start saving extra cash for retirement. As your adult children begin supporting themselves, your monthly child-care expenses will start disappearing. Use this transition to look for ways to repurpose the extra money. A home that requires less maintenance, lower HOA dues, or infrequent landscaping may eliminate even more expenses and allow you to put your money to better use. The stash you create for yourself today will surely come in handy for retirement later.

While the thought of downsizing may be daunting, it can be done! Use these tips to give yourself a head start on this new journey as an empty-nester. Still need some advice or have questions? We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible for you!

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