4 Things Home Buyers Need to Consider Before a Home Search

Have you started searching for a home? The home buying process is an exciting step that can also seem overwhelming at times. Finding a knowledgeable agent goes a long way and you’ve come to the right place with Karen Cannon Realtors.

However, there are some initial things you can do to better prepare for the process.


Do the Research

The average consumer today is savvier than ever before. The Internet provides a wealth of information. This can definitely be utilized by searching online to find the areas you want to live in. Narrow your search to a few neighborhoods/communities that you would find to be the most ideal for you to live in. Finding the right home and having a savvy agent help you win the deal in a competitive situation will make the home buying process a lot easier.


Have Clarity

Having a clear understanding of what you’re looking for in a home is crucial. This is the most important part of your preparation. There is a lot of time and money invested in a home purchase, so prepare accordingly. This will make your home shopping experience much more efficient and will give you a goal setting strategy for you and your Realtor to work together on. It will also help avoid a situation where you fall in love with a home that doesn’t delete your needs. Preparation before getting started will always increase your odds of having a smooth transaction.


Consider the Future

What are your long-term goals with regards to this purchase? Perhaps, you are looking for a starter home. Or maybe you are downsizing due to your newly acquired empty nester status. The bottom line is your long-term plans will help dictate your purchasing choices. One of the most common oversights in buying a home is failing to consider how it fits into your long-term plans.


Know your Financial situation 

Another consideration that some homebuyers tend to underestimate is the financial responsibility of owning a home. Perhaps, the only consideration buyers will think about is their mortgage payments. If you have been renting, or even living at home, you might lose sight of the additional expenses of owning a home. HOA dues, appliances, furniture, taxes and insurance will have to be factored in. These are all important things to consider when putting together your home buying budget.


After you consider these 4 factors, make a list of pros and cons to take to your Realtor. Keep in mind that at the end of the day it comes down to doing what is best for you and your family when deciding where to live. Making sure to convey that to your Realtor upfront will pay dividends.


Contact Karen Cannon Realtors today to get the process started. We have great lenders and others to help our clients, people we consistently use and trust – we will guide you through this process to ensure that you have the best possible home buying experience.