Holiday Selling – November Newsletter

Dear Karen,

I’ve heard it’s a mistake to put your house on the market during the holidays. Did I miss my window to list my house or are there actual buyers out there who are looking during this busy season?


New Home for the Holidays

Dear New Home for the Holidays,

When deciding to sell around the holidays, you need to take into account many factors such as: Are you being relocated? Have you found the perfect home? How long might it take you to prep your home for sale? Casual buyers are not looking during the holidays but serious buyers will be looking-and while you may not get a lot of traffic during this busy season, the buyers who are looking are ready. We here at KCR do a lot of pre-marketing so this helps get some traction without accruing days on the market. Feel free to call us-we’ll help you figure out the right time to maximize your selling potential.

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